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General Instructions
  1. The student must go through the UPDATED detailed instructions for report preparation and submission available on ICMR website.

  2. Research should be done after appropriate ethics committee approval. The IEC/IAEC form has to be submitted along with report.

  3. The ONLINE Report submission form should be filled up carefully before submission. In case you make a mistake during submission you will have an opportunity to rectify the same by login into your account.

  4. The STS report must be submitted ONLINE by the student starting from 1st August, 2017 to 16th October, 2017 (till 3.00 PM only).

  5. ICMR shall not entertain ANYrequest regarding extension of last date or acceptance of late reports.Kindly do not wait for the last date for submission to avoid the last minute rush.

  6. The student will have to take prior approval from ICMR authorities for any minor/major modifications/changes to be made in the approved proposal before submitting the report. Also a proper justification should be given for the same.

  7. Students who are unable to complete their project can apply afresh for STS-2018 details of which will be uploaded on ICMR website around Nov/Dec 2017. Students can re-apply; applications will be again reviewed by experts and may or may not be selected.

  8. In an event of the guide leaving the Institute/College before completion of the project, the student may continue the research work under the new guide who fulfills the eligibility requirements from the same department after obtaining permission from Principal/Dean. Permission of ICMR is not required. Details of new guide may be intimated to ICMR at the time of online report submission.

  9. Guide must take overall responsibility for the conduct of the research project, preparation and submission of complete report and the required enclosures within the stipulated time period.

  10. The payment of stipend will be transferred in student’s bank account through RTGS by May-June next year. To receive the stipend, the student must have a bank account in his/her name and a cheque book from the bank.

  11. The certificates will be prepared and sent to the principal’s office and students will be requested to collect the same by September-October next year.

  12. ICMR will not re-issue any duplicate certificates for STS preceding five years back from now.

  13. The STS certificate will be re-issued to the same College address from where the Student had registered and carried out his/her STS-project.

  14. In the above case, if the College from where the student had registered for STS project did not receive the STS-Certificate from ICMR, then the student will have to send a written confirmation letter from the College that they did not receive the Certificate from ICMR for issue of a duplicate copy of the certificate

  15. If the student has lost/misplaced the STS Certificate and wants to re-issue another copy of the same then he/she will have to submit relevant documents to ICMR like FIR copy and letter stating that his/her STS certificate is lost/misplaced and wants a duplicate copy of the STS-Certificate to be issued again.

  16. The student should enquire about the STS certificate from his/her College soon after the dispatch of the certificate from ICMR.

  17. Student must keep a regular track of the Certificate from his/her College from time to time so that the Certificate is received timely

  18. For queries send an email at stshrd2017@gmail.com and please quote the Reference ID in all your e-mail correspondence for quick reference.

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