Annual Report 2005-2006

Desert Medicine Research Centre, Jodhpur




Communicable Diseases

Study on Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in Rajasthan, India - Vinod Joshi and Manju Singhi

Development of molecular and genetic markers of virus transmission competence of dengue vector species in Rajasthan- Vinod Joshi and Manju Singhi  

Study of role of zoonotic cycle of dengue virus in maintaining / amplifying endemic DF and causing DHF in different settings of Rajasthan, India - Vinod Joshi  and Manju Singhi  

Confirmation of “Introduction, Transmission and Aggravation” conceptuality of Desert Malaria: Verification of research undertaken and softwares developed Vinod Joshi, Manjeet Singh, Himmat Singh and Praveen Anand

Studies on Calotropis procera  as larvicide and repellent plant against vectors of Dengue and DHF in Rajasthan, India - Manju Singhi, Vinod Joshi and P.K. Dam

Mapping of insecticide resistance in vectors of malaria in Rajasthan -  Karam V. Singh and  S. K. Bansal,

Determination   of  larvicidal  potential of  active principle(s) of  Solanum  xanthocarpum  against important mosquito  vectors - S. K. Bansal and  Karam V. Singh

A study of the potential interventional variables associated with delay in  diagnosis/treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) cases in the Thar desert of Rajasthan- S.P. Yadav  and M.L. Mathur

Longitudinal studies for disease dynamics in desert ecosystem of Rajasthan: Study of socio-cultural, socio-economic and epidemiological aspects of malaria - SP Yadav, RK Kalundha, and AK Dixit


Non-Communicable Diseases

Epidemiology of Essential Hypertension in Arid Population of Rajasthan- K.R. Haldiya,     R. Sachdev , M.L. Mathur & J. Lakshminarayana



Nutrition Monitoring Survey on NNMB pattern in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan -  Madhu B.  Singh,   J. Lakshminarayana and Ranjana Fotedar

Nutritional Status along with micronutrient deficiency disorders and morbidity in pregnant and lactating women in desert areas of Rajasthan - Madhu B.  Singh, Ranjana Fotedar  and   J. Lakshminarayana


Environmental Health

Occurrence and burden of disease across the districts of Rajasthan: A Study of the year 2000 - A.K. Dixit, P.K. Anand and  M.S. Chalga

Household distribution of disease burden in community health Management: A study in desert – A.K. Dixit and P.K. Anand

Environmental health study in Jodhpur- R.C. Sharma, Murli L. Mathur, H.S. Rumana, Alka Sharma, and Pallavi Bohra.


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