Annual Report 2004-2005

Desert Medicine Research Centre, Jodhpur




Communicable Diseases

Study on Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever in Rajasthan, India-Vinod Joshi, R.C.Sharma, Manju Singhi and P.K.Dam

Longitudinal studies for diseases dynamics in desert ecosystem of Rajasthan: Study of socio-cultural, socio-economic and epidemiological aspects of malaria using Geographical Information System (GIS)- R. C. Sharma, Vinod Joshi, S. P. Yadav, A. K. Dixit and P. K. Anand

Studies on Calotropis procera as larvicide and repellent plant against vectors of dengue and DHF in Rajasthan, India- Manju Singhi, Vinod Joshi and P.K.Dam

Inventorization of Plants of medicinal importance in different ecotypes of Rajasthan - Manju Singhi , Vinod Joshi and. P. K. Dam

Studies on the inheritance of synthetic pyrethroid resistance in Anopheles stephensi in view to know the speed and mechanism of resistance and the cross-resistance to other insecticides - Karam V. Singh and S. K. Bansal

Use of different ovitraps for the surveillance and control of urban mosquito vectors, with special reference to Aedes aegypti - Karam V. Singh and S. K. Bansal

Determination of larvicidal potential of active principal(s) of Solanum xanthocarpum against important mosquito vectors - S. K. Bansal, Karam V. Singh and Manju Singhi

Study of Glutaraldehyde Test in HIV positive subjects - Murli L. Mathur

A study of the potential interventional variables associated with delay in diagnosis/treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis (PTB) cases in the Thar desert of Rajasthan -S.P. Yadav, Murli L. Mathur, A.K. Dixit and P.K. Anand

Non-Communicable Diseases

Epidemiology of Essential Hypertension in Arid Population of Rajasthan- K.R. Haldiya, R. Sachdev, Murli L. Mathur and J. Lakshminarayana


Nutritional Status along with micronutrient deficiency disorders and morbidity in pregnant and lactating women in desert areas of Rajasthan - Madhu B. Singh, Ranjana Fotedar and J. Lakshminarayana

Nutrition Monitoring Survey on NNMB pattern in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan - Madhu B. Singh, J. Lakshminarayana and Ranjana Fotedar

Environmental Health

Estimation of Burden of Disease by DALY Measure in Desert Region of Rajasthan- Raman Sachdev, K. R. Haldiya and J. Lakshminarayana

Retrospective analysis and prospective prioritization of disease burden in Rajasthan- A.K. Dixit and P.K. Anand

Desert Development and Disease Burden: A Situational Study - A.K.Dixit

Household distribution of disease burden in community health management - A study in desert - A.K.Dixit and .P.K.Anand

Assessment of Impact of Environmental Pollution on Human health in the city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan - R.C. Sharma, Vinod Joshi, A.K. Dixit, S.P. Yadav, R. Fotedar, P.K. Anand, H.S. Rumana and P.C. Sharma
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